NEVER go to the DMV when you are sick.

Today’s daily blog prompt was the following:Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

Now, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and I could take this in any number of directions, but I instead choose to focus on something that happened recently. As my friends out there in the blogosphere, I urge you to heed my advice:

Never…I repeat, NEVER…go to the DMV when you are sick.

It was horrible.

Last week I was pretty sick with this cold-flu-sinus-chest infection-run down thing. I missed work over it for a couple days. I lay there, miserable, with a mountain of used tissues and an endless supply of hot tea. I had trouble sleeping at night. I fell in and out of sleep during the day as I lay there without much else to do than watch lots and lots of movies. I ate soup, and not much else. It wasn’t much fun.

I also had to go to the DMV during this time.

When I say I had to go, I HAD to go. My driver’s license was about to expire and without a driver’s license, one has a bit of trouble getting around in California.

So…I dragged myself out of bed on Friday and went to my DMV appointment. It was a horrible experience, being sick at the DMV. I brought water because my throat was so dry but when I walked in with it the security guard started yelling at me. He had such a thick accent I couldn’t understand what he was yelling at me about, which I guess just pissed him off more. Finally I understood that I had to throw my water away which didn’t make me happy because I was so sick, but I did. The security guard glared at me the whole time I was in there. Honestly, are we worried about liquid explosives at the DMV now? Ridiculous.

I waited in a very long line and got the form I needed to fill out, then waited in line again. I was weak and dizzy from my sickness, and my throat screamed at me for some water. I sat down and waited for them to call me. Some old lady was in there and was pissed about something and screaming nonstop at the top of her lungs. She kept ripping up papers in front of the DMV employees and then yelling at them some more when they made her re-fill out the form she had ripped up. Then she came and sat right near me, screaming the whole time. It’s not that her issue probably wasn’t legitimate. In my experience, the DMV is a frustrating, uncaring organization full of people who have lost all will to live and care nothing for the suffering of their fellow humans. However, it didn’t exactly make the experience of waiting at the DMV more pleasant to have a lady yelling right next to my ear when I had a sinus headache so bad I wanted to crumple into a ball onto the floor and cry, holding my knees.

They finally called me to the first window and I went and paid. The lady was so obviously unhappy that she worked at the DMV that she felt the need to be extremely rude to me and scowl at me the entire time I was at her window, even though I tried to be as polite as possible. By this time I was praying for just a little goodwill. I was losing my resolve. I was dizzy. I just wanted to sleep…and to drink some water. They didn’t even have a water fountain in there. So parched. So, so parched.

Then I had to go wait in another line to get my picture taken for my next driver’s license, looking like crap because I was sick and also slightly upset from being at the DMV in that environment. I’m sure the next 10+ years of having that driver’s license picture is going to be just lovely. When I got my picture taken it was sprung on me that I also needed to take a written test, which I had no idea I was going to have to do because the lovely DMV never sent me a renewal notice, which I assume would have included that information. I made the appointment because I saw the expiration date on my license and not because the DMV sent me anything they were supposed to have. So then I was nervous, too…not that I don’t know the road rules, but that I had to take a test with no notice and I was so sick that my head was really cloudy and I was having trouble thinking. What choice did I have, though…so I took the test. I did pass it, thankfully, but I was really nervous I was going to fail it and lose my license because I was so sick the day I had to take a test.

When I finally got to leave, my throat was so parched I could barely speak and the whole experience exhausted me, so I got to go home finally and rest.

UGH, I really hate the DMV.

It sucks when you’re healthy. Do yourself a favor and never go when you are sick.

5 thoughts on “NEVER go to the DMV when you are sick.

  1. Fortunately, the DMV and the process is not so bad here in the Midwest. Ten minutes wait at the counter, five to ten at the photo booth and we are done. It must be easier to do because we have a lower population in my area. Of the three employees that I’ve met, only one seems bothered. But, I will take your advice because I do not want to know what I look like if I felt like that.

  2. This is a hilarious post!! I was laughing out loud! You have captured the DMV experience so perfectly. Being sick and having to deal with those people would be the closet thing to hell I could imagine. Love that cartoon too…. I hope you feel better soon. :-)

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