An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

It’s funny that this is today’s daily post topic, because Norwood and I were talking about this just last night. An offer I couldn’t refuse would be the chance to live in London. I don’t know what it is about the British capital city, but something about it is just….enchanting. The life, the culture, the history…it’s just beautiful. It combines a modern, cosmopolitan city with tons of history and culture. It’s just…awesome.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a video game concept artist. Our conversation last night went something like this:

Me: We should try to go live in London sometime.

Him: Yeah, that would be cool. I like London.

Me: Isn’t there a video game studio in London? Maybe you could work there.

Him: Yeah, but it’s social gaming.

Me: Who cares? It’s London.

Him: Yeah, but I don’t want to work on social gaming.

Me: It’s London. Who cares? So you work on social games…you get to live in London.

Him: But I don’t want to work on something lame.

Me: Oh, I’ve done lots of lame jobs moving around for your job. Make a sacrifice. When you get off of work every day, you’ll be in London. That won’t be lame.

Him: I guess. But I don’t want to work on Barbie’s Horse Adventure or something stupid like that.

Me: Oh, whatever. So you have to draw Barbie and Barbie accessories all day. Who cares? It’s worth it to live in London.

Him: Ok, I’ll admit I would drastically lower my standards for the chance to live in London…but not that.

Me: Nope, you’ll be drawing fashion and horses all day long. Whatever. I’ll probably do something lame too, but I don’t care because it would be worth it to live there.

Him: It’s not like it’s going to happen anyway.

Me: Don’t say that. It’s only NOT going to happen if you don’t try.

Him: I don’t even think it’s a proper studio there. I think there’s like 2 dudes in a room or something.

Me: No, I looked online. I saw it. It’s a real studio. I researched this because I really want to live in London.

Him: Ok, I guess so.

Me: Yup. If we get the chance, we should drop everything and go live in London. Can’t you see it…living in London? ….sigh……

Him: Yeah, I would love to live in London. Ok, yeah…if we get the chance, we’ll live in London.

Me: Oh, we’ll get the chance. Someday, somehow…..

….and thus go many conversations in our household.

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